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May 1952 Miller Tools Willys Overland Catalog

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I received my second booster shop on Thursday, the result of which kept me hunkered down yesterday with a few chills and aches, so I took the time to scan the following document.

This unusual catalog from Miller Tools highlights tools specifically for Willys vehicles, both jeeps and automobiles. It is catalog F-618 printed in May of 1952. There are 92 pages in the book, including three order forms. I’ve broken it up into multiple sections for easy of downloading and zipped the PDFs together in one file (63mb), should you want to check it out. Unfortunately, my PDF management/editing apps don’t work under the newest Mac OS, which is another reason I didn’t combine them (have to locate a new PDF capable app). If you have a problem dealing with the zip file, then I can send you independent links for the various sections.

Here are a few pages:

miller-tools-willys-booklet1 miller-tools-willys-booklet2 miller-tools-willys-booklet3 miller-tools-willys-booklet4



6 Comments on “May 1952 Miller Tools Willys Overland Catalog

  1. boston at milwaukee

    was miller-willys tool c-735 for demonstration purposes or could you actually balance a wheel with it ? — seems logical , hang the wheel , put a lead weight on the high side and charge the customer $2.50 ? — really , who balances wheels on jeeps ? — i mount and dismount tires by hand , tire irons — i also do allignments by eye , strings and plumb bobs …

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Vernon: I could not say, but some of these tools were intended for Willys cars.

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Very interesting. Thanks Dave! (I think I have a Wee-Gee Board Wheel Aligner)

  4. Keith

    Thanks Dave. It reminded me I have the axle bearing pullers and pinion depth gages on pages 14-17!

  5. Allan J. Knepper

    Wow…….a different time in our country and culture…….all the instructors and many of the students wearing shirts and TIES under their white shop coats !!

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