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1964 DJ-3A Modesto, CA No Price

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UPDATE: Still Available. Was listed at $12,500.

This tribute-to-the-surrey-DJ-3A has been listed in multiple locations, but is located in Modesto, California (based on the plates). The jeep was being auctioned, but the auction ended this morning with a highest bid of $4k.

(03/06/2022) This DJ-3A was modified into a Surrey-like jeep. It looks in great shape.

1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga1 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga2 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga3 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga4 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga5

“Our blue cutie was acquired by its owner in 2016 and has been driven 3000 miles during his ownership. Believed to be a California car most all its life, it resided in Modesto, CA with a clear and clean title in the owner’s name.

Again, she is officially a “Dispatcher”and not a “Surry Gala”, but her nice, bright blue paint and decorative canvas top make a wonderful tribute . Note that she has a tailgate, which is typical for Dispatcher, where “Surrey Gala” Jeeps came with a “Continental kit” at the rear. Turn signals have been installed and those chrome bumpers shine bright. Simple 14” chrome steel rims and painted “Moon” hubcaps keep the exterior very traditional.

Black vinyl upholstery covers the two front buckets and the “CJ” era rear seat. Dashboard is painted in exterior blue, as is the windshield frame, which on an original “Surrey Galas” is always white. Floor throughout is Rhino-lined up and to the blue aspects, providing a very clean interior to exterior transition as well as protection from the elements. No rust is reported on this vehicle, however, there are very few chips where oxidation is occurring. Gauges have become a bit finicky over the years, gas and temp being the culprits. They do work, just their accuracy is in question.

A stock, and fine-running 134 cid 4-cylinder motor powers the light-weight Dispatcher. An option back in the day was how the standard three-speed manual was to be shifted, as this is on the floor. All remaining running gear is original and unmolested. Brakes are stock drums and reported as functioning excellently.

This car is being auctioned on a new classic car auction site. We provide a 3rd party inspection, professional photos and a walk around video – See the auction here –”


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