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Video: Collection of 4300 Imported Vehicles

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This video shows an impressive collection of imported vehicles in a Virginia “barn”, including some Mitsubishi Jeeps.

“It’s not often that Tom looks at shiny new cars, but when he heard about a Japanese import specialist who has collected and sold over 4000 Japanese manufactured vehicles, he couldn’t pass the opportunity up. We’re talking Datsun Z cars, GT-Rs, Accord Aerodecks, Figaros, Totota Coronas, Suzuki Jimnys, and many more. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Tom visits a nearby location that holds 300 plus Volkswagen Westfalias that have been collected from around the U.S. by a gentleman to help preserve and maintain the Westfalia population. Among the collection are a few rare utility Westfalias from different countries”


2 Comments on “Video: Collection of 4300 Imported Vehicles

  1. Mike

    Interesting video and Tom Cotter is a very interesting and informed person. I’ve been watching his videos for the past couple of years, never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of vintage vehicles, one of the Few on uTube worth watching. This particular video I viewed a few days ago and was amazed that a collector could amass such a large collection, not to mention the time and money required to maintain the collection, plus the cost of land and buildings.
    Back in February, I attended a presentation hosted by Tom Cotter, all about his traveling cross country in a Model T Ford, from Jersey City , NJ to San Francisco, informal yet very informative. I highly recommend watching his videos.

  2. Wavy Gravy

    not 300 vw westfalias , its 300 vw vanagons . they were produced from 1980 up to 1991 . some are westfalias , most look to be worthless stock vanagons . the collectible vanagons are the 1982 diesel model , some of the westfalia models , the synchro 4wd models and the truck models . all the other ones need to be scrapped . i still have a very collectible 1977 westy pop top , taiga day-glo green , PEACE OUT !

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