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1971 Jeepster Commando “Hurst Edition” Lexington, SC eBay

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Bill spotted this neglected Hurst Edition Jeepster Commando. The bid price is $2900 with a day + to go. More discussion on this Jeepster here.

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“This is a 1971 Super rare Hurst edition Jeepster Commando. From research there is apparently only about 150 of these made that were sent to the HURST company to have some graphics added, hood scoop, tach and few other accessories. This one is a manual transmission and from all appearances appears to the original transmission which makes this one even possibly more rare. The trim tag and markings on the firewall are consistant with Hurst edition markings. The emblems on the hood are there, but are pitted a little bit.

I had hoped to get to this Jeep, but just not going to happen and it needs to go to a worthy home to get fully saved. It does need a full gone through or restoration. Almost all the pieces are there, The motor is in it, but has not been turned over. The radiator is not in place. The original hood scoop is not there but I do have a new old stock hood but it is not in perfect condition. Certainly usable for a restoration but not perfect. We could not find or have the original tach that was mounted in the hood scoop.

The overall body condition is in fair condition for a restoration. The drivers side rockers do have some pinholes. The rear passenger rocker has a rust spot all the way through. One of the fenders is dented. The hardtop drip rail on the passenger side is rusted fairly well. The frame appears to be fairly solid.

This has a clear South Carolina clean title. No brands. As much history I know about the Jeep is it was bought from someone in 2006 in Georgia but had not been titled since then or prior to that.

Axles, transmission, and motor is there, unknown condtion to be honest.

Has an extra set of wheels, seats, and a tailgate.

Just would like this to go to a good home and saved as a rare commando and not just parted out. This vehicle is not in running or driving condition.

We can/will help with making it available for a transport pickup. “


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