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1946 VEC CJ-2A Ventura, CA $14,000

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I can’t quite tell what the serial number is. Maybe 30XXX?

“1946 Willys CJ-2A in original condition and being sold by second owner. In running condition with new spark plugs, brakes redone, carburetor rebuilt, distributor redone, and new battery. California vehicle and mainly stored in a barn. Serious inquiries only. Call or text only. Will not respond to emails. If ad is up it is still available.”

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8 Comments on “1946 VEC CJ-2A Ventura, CA $14,000

  1. Claus

    Hi Dave,
    Don’t think the number starts with a 30xxx. Seeing the data plate has the “WILLYS” print would make this the very first type. The highest known serial number with that type of plate according to Sean’s survey was 20xxx. So it could well be 20 and what I see might be 970 =CJ2a-20970

  2. SharingPoet517

    To me it almost looks like it says 10790, which would be correct for that style of data plate but would make it a 45 and not a 46. If that were the case, a few key features would be missing from it, most notably the full floating rear axle, as well as the typical VEC windshield with square washers and column shift. But since so many VECs are missing those features, I think it’s possible this could be a 45 and not a 46

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Dang, I forgot to check that data plate page. That certainly helps narrow it down.

    – Dave

  4. David Eilers Post author

    My only hesitation with the jeep being earlier than 3XXXX is that I don’t see any signs of a column shift. Often, there’s a leftover piece on the steering column when the shifter is removed. Of course, the column could have been replaced, or the column ground down, etc.

  5. John

    While I appreciate it’s originality and the fact it is a two owner Jeep, at that price I would expect fresh paint and detailed engine compartment.
    Or, it originality worth that kind of price premium in the CJ-2 market (I know it is on higher end cars…but a common work Jeep? I’m new here, so feel free to educate me!).

  6. David Eilers Post author


    Your concerns are valid. In my opinion this will likely come down in price. Beyond the points you raise, the tail lights lack lenses, the windshields incorrect, and a couple gauges look replaced. While there are premiums for originality, there are also premiums for condition/cleanliness.

    The listed price may reflect the seller using the NADA guidelines in an attempt to determine a value. Unfortunately, the NADA numbers are untethered fiction in the case of vintage jeeps (which isn’t the seller’s fault).

    – Dave

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