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CJ-6 w/ Willys-Powered Compressor at the Willys Rally

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Tom shared a pic of this cool CJ-6 with a restored willys-engine-powered compressor in the back. It was at the Willys Rally.

2022-06-05-willys-rally-CJ-6-tom-loresHere’s a second pic that Tom took of the same jeep a few years ago:



3 Comments on “CJ-6 w/ Willys-Powered Compressor at the Willys Rally

  1. WHY ?

    willys engine powered ? — pto driven ? — i see an exhaust stack ? — why is there a compressor in the back of a cj-6 ? — whats under the hood ? — i like the yellow color — it looks COMMERCIAL

  2. Barry

    The Jeep with the Willys engine powered compressor is from the late John Ittel’s collection. I never heard a story on it, but John often combined items for display. He didn’t normally buy a Jeep unless it had some unique feature or history.
    The good folks at the Willys Reunion might have more information. You can contact them at

  3. Scott

    The engine in back of the CJ-6 is a stand-alone unit- not PTO driven. It is designed to run on the 2 OUTER cylinders while the 2 INNER cylinders make up the air compressor. The engine is specially made to run this way. That is why it has its own separate exhaust stack and cooling radiator.
    Like Barry mentioned, its basically a nice working display that both run. I’ve seen several compressor set-ups mounted on a small tow behind trailer.

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