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1956 CJ-6 Somerset, PA eBay


Dave’s selling this early, farm equipped CJ-6.

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“This 1956 Jeep CJ-6 is an original. The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle is drivable and is not regularly driven.
Vehicle Details

1956 was the very first year of the CJ-6 production which spanned just under twenty years – and saw just 50,172 built. Based on the serial number, this would be the 417th one built! We had this engine running in the Fall of 2021, but would recommend rebuilding the fuel pump and cleaning the tank etc.



Especially cool about this Jeep is the large number of factory approved accessories found on it.

Front Winch
Front Plow Mount
Push Bumper
Twin Stick PTO controls
Rear PTO
Monroe Lift

Thinking it may have a Governor too, but can’t recall for sure.

One seldom ever gets to see CJ-6’s – let alone any equipped this we’ll!!

Btw, a CJ-6 is essentially the same as a CJ-5, but is stretched by a massive 20 inches. The longer wheelbase added cargo space and made for a roomier vehicle.

Take care of some things and enjoy it as it is or fully restore it – your choice!

You’ll likely never park next to another one – even at most Jeep shows/events!

I couldn’t bring myself to selling off all the factory accessories, but if you did you could end up with a nice basic CJ-6 to play with for about zero investment! Or, keep all, or most, and have a pretty much one of a kind Jeep!

My oldest son is heading off to school so I’m selling this cool Willys Jeep to get it in the hands of someone whom can drive & enjoy it….”


3 Comments on “1956 CJ-6 Somerset, PA eBay

  1. Rene Lapierre, II

    Surely this jewel is long gone. If it is not, I would be interested in all of it. It is a very unique piece.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Rene,

    The two eBay auctions ended without a bid, so this might still be available.

    I can’t find Dave’s email at the moment, but try contacting him via his eBay contact link: (after clinking the link look for the “contact” link. You should be able to send him a message from there.

    Best of luck!

    – Dave

  3. Rene Lapierre, II

    Hi Dave,
    I did respond to the eBay link you provided, but they will not allow me to send contact info. If you do find his email, I would contact him directly. That CJ6 is very unique.

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