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Riding to the Rescue: A look back at LA County’s Rescue Vehicles

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UPDATE: This updated post from 2012 now includes photos taken by David Carr at LA County’s Cabrillo Beach.  The three photos below are on a wall as part of a “wall-of-fame”. 

la-county-life-guard3 la-county-life-guard2 la-county-life-guard


From June 28, 2012: Over the past 100 years Los Angeles County has used a variety of vehicles to manage their beaches.  As part of a retrospective, the article below shows a few of them, along with welcoming some new hybrids into the County system.  All photos belong to LA County’s Life Guard Association.

Here are two GPWs (the pics were from a now defunct blog):

Bathing beauties were still posing on county lifeguard trucks in 1959.

Buz unearthed this CJ-2A Life Guard Jeep used by the city of Los Angeles (vs. the county).  Though the caption accompanying the jeep suggests this was war surplus, it’s clear this is a civilian rig. The rear extension is interesting, though doesn’t look neatly done.


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  1. David Carr

    The guy who created Baywatch is my son’s Junior Lifeguard instructor. Great guy!

    Glad I could contribute to the site.

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