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1948 Jeepster Sanger, CA $15,200

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Seller believes this to be the original paint, but I don’t see this as an option with the paint chips from 1948-1949.

1949-jeepster-sanger-ca6 1949-jeepster-sanger-ca7 1949-jeepster-sanger-ca8 1949-jeepster-sanger-ca9

“Original PAINT
4 cylinder
Original plates
New tires
New gas tank
Starts right up
Been well maintained
Convertible top frame is in tact- needs new canvas
Has great Patina
Fun wedding car/ beach”


2 Comments on “1948 Jeepster Sanger, CA $15,200

  1. colin peabody

    Only two color schemes were available in 1948 Jeepsters. Luzon Red (Maroon) and Fiesta Yellow with black upper body band. 1949 added a couple of others, but this wasn’t one of them either. Unless this car was reconditioned at the Willys Factory in Toledo and repainted at the same time, this isn’t original paint. The interior color matches the paint, and that was not an original interior material color either. This car also has a 1950 steering wheel on it also.

  2. anonymous

    this is the original color — FOR MY EX WIFES 1956 FORD THUNDERBIRD !!! — it was called peacock blue , the removable hardtop was colonial white — i restored it completely , then she sold it — i’ll bet money whoever painted this was copying the t-bird color ..

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