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1971 Jeepster SC-1 Sport Commando Walla Walla, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $19,995.

Ken shared this rare Jeepster SC-1 Sport Commando. This one has had some mods. You can learn more about them in the Motor Trend article:

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“This 1971 Jeepster Commando SCI and the 1971 Jeepster Hurst Edition were built for only a couple of months or so making them the rarest Jeeps ever built. Only around 300 of each were ever built and around 125 Hurst Editions are known to exist and less SC1’s are known to survive making it the rarest Jeep known.

I bought it pretty much as is a few years ago adding the wheels and tires. Everything mechanical was rebuilt like the V6 engine and upgraded in horsepower with 4bbl carb, turbo 400 tranny both rear end and front end. Power Steering and Power brakes were added and an aftermarket stereo replaces the original radio and unfortunately small refinements were made to the dash to get an earlier edition radio to fit.

Less than 1600 miles on the restoration. An original radio is included. It features an extremely light one man removeable custom half cab top and roll up tonneau cover. It is extremely roadworthy and will go down the road at highway speed all day long. I had the original paint pro detailed when I first got it and the shine is beautiful with all the jeep lifestyle scratches and dents it has accumulated over its jeep life.

I was going to have the front fender dent repaired, but after the detail, I decided against it. They are only original once and it is shiney and beautiful to me. IT JUST LOOKS RIGHT!!!. When, if ever, have you seen one. You can’t go anywhere without someone wanting to talk to you. The eyeball on this rig is amazing. It just looks right. It has been my honor to have this SC1 and I hate to see it go, but we are downsizing and it is time to let someone else enjoy it. $19995. I can only communicate by phone, so if you are interested.”


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