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Roger’s Newest Toy Find

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Roger Martin bought this cool, Marine-made jeep.

He wrote, “I bought another Jeep. It was built by marine in August of 1948. He was a machinist on a ship during the war. The wheels are made out of solid brass. The toy is pretty heavy. I bought it from a guy yesterday who bought it in 1970 from the widow of the original owner that built it. The Marine that built it worked for Fisher body in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

1945-08-wwii-art-jeep0 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep1 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep2 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep3

1945-08-wwii-art-jeep4 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep5 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep6 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep7 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep8 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep9 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep10


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