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1957 FC-150 Knoxville, TN $5000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

At the very least there appears to be some body rust.

“I have another one which i gotten running it get 23 MPG, but it only goes 45 mph. The truck is a jeep FC-150 Narrow Track truck, it was an old gas station service truck i guess oil being split all over it for yrs is the only reason its a rebuildable truck today. Had 6 of these trucks down to five would like to get down to four. Asking $5,000 for it. 134F, t-90, t18, 25 dana front not sure on the rear, could be dana 44.”

1957-fc150-knoxville-tn6 1957-fc150-knoxville-tn7 1957-fc150-knoxville-tn8 1957-fc150-knoxville-tn9


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