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December 1949 Jeep Truck Brochure

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UPDATE: I snagged this on eBay a few days ago and have updated the previous images I had posted. The brochure is Form No. 4WDT-CM1–215M–12-49.

Here is the first page of the brochure:

1949-12-form-no-4WDT-CM1-215M-12-49-truck-brochure1-lores It unfolds vertically to reveal this page:



This shows the entire center area:


Here is the back of the brochure:


This is the unfolded back-side:



2 Comments on “December 1949 Jeep Truck Brochure

  1. Konwakiton

    december 1949 means these trucks were the early 1950 models — notice the 0-4 emblem on the grille ? — that designated a 4 cylinder engine — i put one on my 48 truck though its not correct for that year — since all willys jeep trucks were 4 cylinders till 1954 , why did they put the 0-4 emblem on the trucks , there was no option for a 6 cylinder engine ? — the early 1950 willys wagons and maybe the jeepsters and sedan deliverys had the 0-4 emblem or a 0-6 , if they had a 148 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine . the early 1950 station sedans all had the stainless steel t-bar standard on the grille , no 0-6 . i have seen early 1950 jeepsters with no trim or emblems at all , a cost cutting measure because they were not selling .

  2. Konwakiton

    my willys truck is a ford ? — i was looking at the bubbles forming in my 1948 willys truck safety glass and noticed the LOF glass emblems in the corners — LIBBEY OWENS FORD company — it was a toledo , ohio company — i always thought the ford part meant FORD MOTOR COMPANY ? — WRONG ! — The company was formed in 1930 by the merger of Libbey-Owens’ sheet-glass operation with the Edward Ford Plate Glass Company, both located in Toledo — In 1928, Libbey-Owens was the first company to produce automotive laminated safety glass and won a contract to supply the Ford Motor Company with windshields for the Model A. Libbey-Owens merged with the Edward Ford Plate Glass Company in 1930 to form Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company — the LOF emblem on the glass can be used to date your willys vehicle , theres a date at the bottom saying when the glass was made — my 1948 truck has a 7-48 stamp on one piece of windshield glass , showing that it was a late 1948 production vehicle — my other pieces of LOF glass have dates earlier and later .

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