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CJ-5-looking Boat

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Jerry shared this CJ-5 Boat combo. It has what appears to be a Florida registration, though Jerry notes it should on the hull.  Anyone know more about it?



6 Comments on “CJ-5-looking Boat

  1. SteveK

    It is typical of the “Look at ME” types with too much money moving to Florida lately. A waste of a Jeep AND the boat… IMO. Jerry is correct, the registration is required to be placed “clearly visible from the side on the forward 1/3 of the hull in contrasting color with 3″ minimum sized numbers and letters and the current Florida decal”. But, rules don’t seem to matter to those types. They like the attention and will “just the fines”.

  2. Klings262

    It was probably some old fiberglass body off a Jeep project that went awry or fell into disrepair that a Jeep guy decided to make into his boat. Who cares what it cost him and what business is it of yours to criticize him for it. His love for his CJ5’s probably sparked this idea and let him take his love for his Jeep out on the water with him. As far as your ‘look at me’ I see it to be No different that someone taking his old Jeep to a car show or a Jeep event. Just another Jeep guy having fun

  3. Soup Man

    JEEP BOAT would be a lot more interesting if it was powered by the Jeep through a PTO and not a SUZUKI OUTBOARD !! — flip-side , JEEP BOAT looks to have a hollow JEEP with no entrails — take it to BURNING MAN and pray for rain ?

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