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Jeep and Parts Collection Norco, CA $35,000

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David shared this link. Unclear just how much value is here. It’s difficult to understand the entire scope of what’s for sale. I don’t see any running/driving jeeps pictured.

“This deal is not for the faint of heart, but you will make money off this deal! I have 3 CJ6’s & 1 CJ5 parts Jeeps plus 4 other jeeps almost ready. I got parts out the wahzoo! Engines & transmissions body parts, and more. Must have a way to transport yourself & MUST TAKE ALL.”

jeeps-norco4 jeeps-norco5 jeeps-norco6 jeeps-norco7 jeeps-norco8 jeeps-norco9 jeeps-norco10


5 Comments on “Jeep and Parts Collection Norco, CA $35,000

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Based on the pics provided, I agree Mike.

    Now, if a couple of the jeeps actually run and drive and weren’t pictured (I think only 1 pic of 1 CJ-6–out of 3 CJ-6s–were posted for example), I might just change my opinion.

    – Dave

  2. Dave from Mn

    If it was near me I would certainly check it out. Hopefully being in California the stuff would have minimal rust. Maybe not worth it but would be fun to look.

  3. David Carr

    There’s for sure a bunch of parts I’d love to have. But not $35k bunch. But the pack rat part of me thinks “What if?”

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