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NOT A 1942 MB Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada BaT

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UPDATE: This was (mistakenly or fraudulently) billed as a 1942 MB.

Bill shared this Briing-A-Trailer auction of a 1942 MB with some unusual mods, including the installation of a Toyota 3C turbodiesel.

“This 1942 Willys MB was acquired by the seller in 2021 and subsequently refurbished and repowered with a 2.4-liter Toyota 3C turbodiesel inline-four mated to a five-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case. Finished in matte green over green cloth, the Jeep is equipped with auxiliary lights, a fold-down windshield, side-mounted digging tools, 16″ wheels, a rear-mounted Jerry can and spare wheel and tire, and a trailer hitch. This Jeep is now offered in Canada with Ontario registration in the seller’s name.”

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8 Comments on “NOT A 1942 MB Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada BaT

  1. RACE

    It is nothing close to an MB. I’m surprised doesn’t shut it down for misrepresentation.
    This is a Mahindra, nothing else.

  2. J

    Race is right. I was following the auction from the first day. There were a lot of things that simply didn’t add up. The seller was cagey and there’s good evidence that he got one of his friends (or he signed up with a throwaway account on his own) to promote and boost it.

  3. David Carr

    Bring a trailer (full of money)

    I had to stop with BaT. Too many $100,000 Broncos and overpriced Land Cruisers.

  4. JohnB

    While I can understand the fender mounted turn signals and right side mirror and oversize lighted license plate holder as safety items, I’m puzzled by the other stuff on there…what’s that in the right fender, and the tool in right side (a grappling hook?), and what’s in front of the windshield? An exterior mounted ammo can?
    Finally why NAVY on the front bumper?I

    I’m pretty sure the Army rarely loaded Jeeps with junk.

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