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July 1948 Color Jeepster Ad from Newspaper eBay

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The seller only wants $10 for this ad. I suspect there aren’t many of these ads out there. It appeared in the July 22, 1948, edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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“This ad is included in a full page that came from a July 22, 1948 edition of a Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. ”



3 Comments on “July 1948 Color Jeepster Ad from Newspaper eBay

  1. Mike

    This is very unique, a color newspaper ad, 1948. My local newspapers back in New Jersey did not offer color advertising until the late 1970’s. Going to keep one eye on this.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    That’s what I thought, too. Very unique. I bet it was an expensive ad for the time.

  3. colin peabody

    The weekend this ad appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer was the public introduction of the Jeepster, so it was no doubt an expense Willys was willing to pay. July 20-22 was the official introduction dates for the 1948 VJ2 Jeepster. I suspect the largest newspapers in the midwest carried the same or a similar ad that weekend.

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