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Interesting Wood Jeep from 1999

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Here’s the model I mentioned a few days ago. The date still looks to indicate that it was built in 1999. The builder’s name looks more like “Arbets” to me, but I can’t tell for sure.

The workmanship is great. It assembles easily and precisely. It’s a cool jeep. I’ve included the Ogelsby for comparison. Here it is disassembled.


Name and date on bottom of chassis:


Body on chassis:


Seats on chassis:


Front clip on chassis:


Top added:


Side view:



3 Comments on “Interesting Wood Jeep from 1999

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Looks like Corbett to me…That’s how I write ‘C’ in my first name and how I cross my ‘T’s in my last name…

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