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Nick’s Garage Works on a 1947 CJ-2A

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Nick takes a look at this mostly stock 1947 CJ-2A. Note the unusual location the steering box mod (it does not appear mounted against the frame rail; rather, it is slid towards the passenger side six or more inches. I could only catch a few glimpses of it, such as time stamp 20:01-20:03 (there might be others). An additional cross member was welded between the bumper and the standard cross member, then a support was welded between the new crossmember and the bumper. It’s to that support that the steering box is attached.


3 Comments on “Nick’s Garage Works on a 1947 CJ-2A

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Nobody told him where to point his timing light. The timing marks are on the flywheel, the access hole to see them is in the bell housing on the left side of the engine compartment. Some owners mark the front pulley instead.

  2. Mike

    I enjoyed this video, Nick has a great personality, reminds me of the guys I grew up with in the NYC NJ metro area. He is who he is, so many of these “me the expert videos” are a lot of B/S/ about themselves. Not Nick, a regular guy I can relate to.

  3. Frank Porfidio

    Was great to see someone else pulling their hair out saying “What the hell?” …..Who makes the distributer ? 180 degrees out ? I put a Pertronics “module” in mine , so it’s one less guessing game . Nick seems like a really cool , go with the flow kinda’ guy .

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