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1955? CJ-5 Elgin, IL $57,000


Unclear how the seller arrived at the above price. The seller claims the jeep has only 10,000 miles, but this jeep has had some body work and has a few mods, so the year and mileage isn’t clear. My guess is an early 1960s with an early Tux Park package. No description provided.

1955-cj5-elgin-il1 1955-cj5-elgin-il2



6 Comments on “1955? CJ-5 Elgin, IL $57,000

  1. JohnfromSC

    I recently had a similar experience with a Willys pickup seller, who claimed the truck was all original down to the paint with a premium price to match. When I researched it, the truck was clearly repainted and with more wear than they claimed plus other discrepancies. Then it turned into a story that all their information came from the truck’s first owner. When I politely documented the discrepancies to them they immediately stopped responding to phone calls, texts and emails.

  2. Mike

    Buyer beware, and that’s what I keep saying, “SHYSTERS” are out there to take advantage of the market, along with sellers who are just plain stupid as to vale of their vehicle. This is what America has come to, chasing the money. Sad but true.

  3. JohnB

    I see that a lot.
    Usually it’s someone selling on behalf of an owner and when confronted with reality, they say “That’s what I’ve been told”….even though it’s clearly wrong (or in the case of a military vehicke…historically impossible like a CJ-5 in WWII).
    That MAY be the truth or perhaps it is what politicians call “plausible deniability”.

    Also there are just a lot of silly/stupid/unreasonable owners.
    I was at an auction and someone wanted too much money for a truck.
    I asked the owner of the price was firm and he said “That’s what one brought at the XXXXX auction on TV”.

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