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1972 DJ-5B Airport Baggage Jeep Blacksburg, VA eBay

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Chris is selling this rare former airport baggage conveyer DJ-5 that at one time was operated by Piedmont Airlines.

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“1972 Jeep DJ5B. Folks meet Piedmont. He’s a very rare DJ5B that was used by Piedmont Airlines as a luggage loader. This model is rear 2WD with a 232 six cylinder that is currently not running. Motor does turn over at the crank so it is not seized. This is a rare piece of history that I recently saved from the scrap yard. Notice the slant on the passenger side as this was manufactured at the plant in Toledo to house the loader mechanism. Very original rig that I feel needs to be restored back to his original glory. I’ve personally been a many  Willys, Kaiser, AMC and likes for many years and this model is new to me.


This is a matching numbers Jeep as well with a clean NC title. The mileage on the rig is unknown but the title shows 2054 and the speedometer is showing 20..Mechanically he will require some attention. You can see the obvious rust but the frame is in good condition with no serious spots. Tub will need to be repaired. No radiator in place. Transmission is in pieces. One of the main shafts is cracked and the entire transmission needs to be reassembled. 3 speed T85 unit. Temporarily the main transmission mount is secured by two bolts only for transport. Does include many transmission parts and pieces but I am unsure if everything is there. Tires are only rollers and what came with him but he does roll nicely. Front passenger brake components are missing but would need all new brakes regardless. Folks he’s not ready for the road yet but man would he not be a show stopper?”

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One comment on “1972 DJ-5B Airport Baggage Jeep Blacksburg, VA eBay

  1. Derek Redmond

    As Dave implies in his intro above, this is actually a DJ-5 Dispatcher, not a DJ-5B postal Jeep. As Chris says, it is rare, and in fact a late-model DJ-5 is a good deal more rare than a DJ-5B. DJ-5s were built in Toledo, whereas DJ-5Bs were built in South Bend IN, but ironically this DJ-5 was sent from Toledo to South Bend to be converted into a Hoveyor baggage loader by Phelps Mfg. Co.

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