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German Made WWII Jeep Model

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This model just sold on eBay for $108.51. At six inches long, it’s a good side. I was going to bid on this, and even set my alarm, but got too busy rendering 15lbs of pork fat into lard (we just had our pig butchered), so when my alarm went off to go to eBay, I turned it off, got distracted and forgot. Sigh. This is a cool one.

german-made-model-jeep4 german-made-model-jeep5 german-made-model-jeep6 german-made-model-jeep7 german-made-model-jeep8 german-made-model-jeep9


2 Comments on “German Made WWII Jeep Model

  1. wilpenney

    hi dave, i’m glad you didn’t bid. i am the one who won it. i’ve been collecting a long time and never seen this one.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Well then, I’m glad I didn’t bid either. I wasn’t too surprised it topped $100. Congrats!

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