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Jeep Collection For Sale Whitney, NE

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ5, FC150-FC170-M677 This site contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated.

This seller has a wide range of jeeps. He hopes to sell them in various lots. The seller notes in the comments on this post that he won’t sell to folks in Nebraska.

The collection itself looks interesting. It is wide ranging with 2As, 3As, FCs, CJ-5s, and M-38s to name a few. I haven’t yet seen any pics of a 3B.

You can see more pics and read the comments here. The seller has responded to some of the comments:


jeeps-whitney-ne4 jeeps-whitney-ne3 jeeps-whitney-ne2


9 Comments on “Jeep Collection For Sale Whitney, NE

  1. JohnB

    Why won’t He sell to folks in his own state?
    Tax or regulatory issues I suspect…not so much “nutty”.
    But that is ALWAYS an option. 🙂

  2. Bingo

    He’s prolly tired of the folks who come by & want somethin fer nut’n. He may not get out much, & thinks it’s only the local yokels.

  3. Wrongway

    This sale was posted a couple of years ago too. That one said he wouldn’t sell to law enforcement either.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    JohnB, you may have a point. Of course, this is all speculation without more explanation, but perhaps the earlier no-law enforcement (pointed out by Wrongly) has now been expanded to include all Nebraska folks, perhaps to avoid some kind of issue (as JohnB notes).

    I believe this is the first time I have ever run across an add where a seller refuses to sell locally.

  5. Mitch

    This has been posted in several Facebook groups I’m in as well with active “communication” from the seller….. My vote is “nuts” too.

  6. JohnB

    Okay, I’m outvoted! 🙂
    See what you get for trying to think the best of a person…?

    I’d never make it in politics.

  7. Jeff

    I think he may be nuts, but he may also have a streak of PT Barnum in him… Look at us all talking about his ad! I’ve decided that in my next classified ad I will include some wild criteria like “I will not sell to anyone named Robert! (Robertas are OK though)”

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