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March 1960 Jeep Multi-Stop Truck Brochure

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UPDATE: This post was originally posted July 29, 2016:

I finally snagged this “Jeep Multi-Stop Truck” brochure off of eBay. It is only seven pages. There are no details provided about the chassis used, but it does use the F-head.

The date on this proposal is March 1960. The first ad I have for the FJ-3 is in 1961. My guess is that this may have been 1) a competing idea for a cheap delivery vehicle or 2) the basis for what was restyled as the FJ-3. That AM General made a version of the Multi-stop right after jeep’s general and Military product division was spun off (1971) into the AM General Corp likely isn’t a coincidence.

According to some magazines of the day, the FJ was considered a Multi-stop van, so the description was used, though I don’t believe it ever appeared in any advertising.  For example, this 1959 article except from Google notes the following, “office requirements for pickup and delivery of mail on multistop routes . The Fleetvan ” Jeeptrucks , equipped with automatic transmissions , will feature compact cargo space , high maneuverability , maximum driver visibility ”

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Is it just a coincidence that this 1973 AM General truck looks suspiciously like the proposed vehicle above?


Or this 1974 version (from a defunct website):



5 Comments on “March 1960 Jeep Multi-Stop Truck Brochure

  1. Mike

    I have never seen this model, The early date 1960 would put it just before production of the FLEETVAN FJ3A, am I correct in assuming that? What’s the story, anybody know?

  2. Colin Peabody

    Never seen it either. Appears to be on the DJ3A chassis with the F-head engine. Looks like a small version of the later Jeep mail trucks.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Somewhere on eBay a couple days ago I saw a history brochure on AM General. It must have sold because now I can’t find it, but that would probably clear up how things evolved.

    To me it looks like what would become the FJ-8 (, but I can’t find a start date for the FJ-8 production. The AM General history site ( suggests “the company began its first civilian government program by successfully winning a bid to develop and produce a half-ton delivery van for the U.S. Post Office. More than 14,000 of these half-ton vehicles were eventually produced.” I think this was the FJ-8?

  4. Mike

    The one thing I notice here is what looks like a removeable metal plate over the rear wheel openings. What would be the purpose of such a cover? Seems counter productive for a commercial multi stop delivery van.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    I am not sure what value that provides either? Maybe it was just an added design to make it look “sleek”?

    – Dave

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