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A Russian Flying Tank?

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Got to give credit to WWII Russians who had a bold dream of flying a tank. I can’t believe that didn’t work out, lol! Thanks to Bill for sharing this interesting bit of history.


This scale model of the A-40 shows the enormous size of the wings and tail in comparison to the small tank (Credit: The Tank Museum, Bovington)


2 Comments on “A Russian Flying Tank?

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Wow, flying must have been difficult in a vehicle with limited vision. Don’t you have to see well to land successfully?

  2. JohnB

    Thanks are generally heavy, so it would make a lot of wing to lift one.
    Another point that they probably didn’t think about…I don’t think the Russians had any aircraft large enough or powerful to tow it! Their main transport were lend lease C-47s, later they built them themselves (there is a discussion whether they had a production lucense. Not that that would stop them, after all, They stole the B-29 design after one forced landed in Russia). They did not produce an indigenous large transport or bomber.

    Getting it off the ground would be problematic for two reasons…the obvious one is weight.
    Less obvious is getting the treads to go fast enough to allow it to break the ground.
    Take off speed for something that heavy might be 100 mph+. Retreads and bogeys would be moving.

    The U.S. thought about putting tracks on large planes post-war to aid operations from unimproved air strips…the C-82, C-97, B-36 and B-50 were tested. It was unsuccessful for a number of reasons, soI doubt if the wartime Russians could have done better.

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