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UPDATE: Dry Camping This Weekend

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UPDATES: 1) Moving the propane tank got delayed until today, so no updates until Wednesday.

2) We are back in the 21st century with running water. Woo hoo! The ‘death’ announcement of the pump was premature on my part, as a toasted electrical part was causing it to appear frozen. Repaired for only $48, the mechanic noted that the rest of the pump was still in excellent shape (despite being 20 years old), so no need to replace it! That’s a win! … 

We are dry camping this weekend … at home!

Yep, our booster water pump seemingly died on Saturday morning (cue the sound of Taps), leaving us with irrigation water (via the well pump), but no house water. Thankfully, we can turn the irrigation well water on and fill up buckets. So, it isn’t the worst situation. But, it is annoying. So, Monday morning we’ll be calling a local pump company.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning we are also supposed to get our propane tank moved (1000 gallon tank), so we will be without propane for at least part of Monday. That will be great, because we have been limiting heat so that we can don’t run out of propane (we are at about 7% which should make moving the tank much easier).

Ann did get some shrubs planted around the bunkhouse, so the work there is almost done for winter.



8 Comments on “UPDATE: Dry Camping This Weekend

  1. Will R.

    I’m always amazed, how when you least expect it, things just pop up! Happens to me all the time, LOL At least you have a workable temporary solution!

  2. JohnB

    Ah, the joys of rural living that city folks have no idea of.

    I stopped by the shop doing my Jeep restoration. He has had to stop work this weekend to help a friend stabilize his cabin in the mountains foothills.
    The nearby creek has shifted course a bit and is eroding the cabin’s foundation, so as a temporary solution, he is fabricating some heavy beams which will works I until they can dig it out and do permanent repairs in the spring.

    Good luck.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Will: Agreed, always something! Adding to that, our two steers escaped the pasture yesterday morning. Not a big deal to get them back in the pasture, but just adds the excitement of the morning, lol.

    John: Oh my, that sounds like some serious future work!

  4. Allan J. Knepper

    Two steers escaped ……..I am already picturing something right of of the Nellybelle days with Ann driving the Willys and you standing up on the passenger side braced against the windshield frame doing the roping !!

  5. Jim D

    Speaking from experience, use the opportunity to consider uping the size of the pump. When I had my ski lodge and restaurant in the mountains, my well pump gave out. The company I had replace it suggested uping the size. So I went to a 1HP from a 1/2HP. A new pressure tank was on the docket as well. (pun)

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Allan: Let’s just say that you described everything exactly as it happened! Because, it’s a great story! Why mess with your reality?

    Jim: If this were our well pump, we likely would upgrade, as that is a more complicated item to replace. In this case, it is a booster or secondary pump that is easily removed, as it sits in the floor of our pump room. Given we were able to repair it for only $48, and that it is still in great shape, according to the mechanic, it made sense to do just repair and reinstall (see update on post).

  7. Blaine

    To be optimistic Dave, I’m still using the same pump for 40 plus years. I’ve only had rust holes in the pipe at the foot valve twice. This last time I used brass.

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