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Daytona Beach Trains & Jeeps

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UPDATE: Here’s an additional Daytona Beach photo sent by Chris of a CJ-5 advertising Dog Racing on Daytona Beach. (note photo #3 below is a 3B also advertising Dog Racing)



Originally Posted Feb 22, 2019: Thanks to Roger Martin for pointing out these series of jeep pics from 1950s Daytona Beach. These were all posted to the Greetings from Daytona Beach Facebook page.

  1. These 1959 photos show Charlie Fogg’s Beach train, which ran a four mile round trip pulling one or more trams. You can see it’s a jeep under that train facade. That might even be a CJ-3B.
    1959-daytona-beach-jeep-ride3 1959-daytona-beach-jeep-ride1959-daytona-beach-jeep-ride2
  2. This one looks to be a second version of Mr. Fogg’s beach train:
  3. CJ-3B sporting a dog racing sign:
  4. This ice cream vendor might be a CJ-3A:
  5. Mr. Jules “Ted” Tieder, the Ice Cream Man, at Daytona Beach with his CJ-5:
  6. Two 1946 photos of an early jeep (MB/GPW) tram at Daytona Beach:
    1946-mb-gpw-jeep-train-daytona-beach2 1946-mb-gpw-jeep-train-daytona-beach



8 Comments on “Daytona Beach Trains & Jeeps

  1. Mike

    Daytona Beach, 1987, there still was a guy pulling a snack trailer on to the beach every morning with a CJ7.


    those jeeps were scrapped years ago , driving on the beach will do that to a jeep , sand , salt = RUST

  3. Don

    Minor correction on #5. The gentleman was Jules “Ted” Tieder. He was on the beach for many years and had various Jeeps over his time. After work during the Dog Racing season he’d change out of his whites and drive west past the speedway to play the dogs. He was a gambling man, but thought Jai Alai was crooked. He’d flip those in the know “double or nothing” for his ice cream. Most local kids grew up from young kids to adults paying either nothing or double for ice cream. I have another photo somewhere, but don’t know how to send it.
    He called ALL of us locals “George” which may be why the #5 photo is mistakenly labeled George Tieder. To this day, I think of him when I treat myself to a Nutty Buddy type of cone.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the correction and the added history. Much appreciated!! I will update this later this evening.

    – Dave

  5. Don

    Thanks, Dave. Ted was a funny man. Actually have some video showing the beach train and also Ted’s keep in the same frames I could get you if you pop me an email. This need not be posted. I have another pic of a Jeep pushing a golf ball picking machine at my family’s golf course in the ‘50s ( not pushing but machine is attached)
    I enjoyed this thread. I’m not really a “Jeep person”, instead have owned Volvos (mostly older) for 51 years, but had the work Jeep’s and one personal one years ago.

  6. Jack Phillips

    I went to Daytona Beach in the 50’s when I was five years old until my late 20’s and the only man I knew driving and owning the train in Daytona was Charlie Fogg. My family became close friends with him. There was another beach train at Daytona Beach Shores.

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