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Cavalcade of Jeeps, II Brochure

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This keepsake brochure lacks any date, but I presume to be the second tour of jeeps around part of the country, probably in 1948. The brochure cover page shows a Mahl Loader attached to one jeep and a Blue Star hardtop on another jeep. I wonder if a similar brochure was made for the first Cavalcade.

willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure1 willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure2 willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure3 willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure4 willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure5 willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure6 willys-overland-cavalcade-II-brochure7


5 Comments on “Cavalcade of Jeeps, II Brochure

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Those pennants caught my eye too. I guess they eventually found their way into the trash barrel behind the dealership. 😞

  2. JohnB

    Neat item.
    But can anyone tell me what’s the difference between the “Station Wagon” model and the “Station Sedan”?

    Furnishings (Station Wagon would be nicer), extra seats?

  3. JohnB

    Thanks for the explanation.
    Somehow, I would have thought the Station Wagon would have been the upscale version, given the high priced and prestige ” usually given to wagons of that era.

    The salesman’s guide reminds us of has WO had the right idea about compact SUVs for family use, just 50-70 years too soon.

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