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1969 CJ-5 Waynesville, OH $12,500

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Tom spotted this low-mileage CJ-5 located pretty close to Roger Martin. Does the transmission tunnel look customized on this?

“1969 Jeep CJ5 with 8000 original miles. Was used as farm implement. No issues. I do have the title”

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13 Comments on “1969 CJ-5 Waynesville, OH $12,500

  1. a concerned ewillys user

    Tom spotted this low-mileage CJ-5 located pretty close to Roger Martin. Does the transmission tunnel look customized on this? <— HOLY TOLEDO ?? — WHO WRITES THIS STUFF ?? — A SMALL CHILD IN ZAMBIA WOULD KNOW ITS A RARE T-98 4 SPEED MODEL !!!

  2. Barney Goodwin

    You guys are probably right about the 4 speed. We have a 71 V6 in our collection (See our ad at right column, bottom for a photo). It has a T18 installed at the factory and has a similar sheet metal tunnel cover as those trannys were too big for the stamped one. Ours was ordered with the T18 by the WY cattle ranch to push the Ramsey PTO winch shown on the front. The single transfer lever D18 was standard by 69 so it’s possible this Jeep was ordered with the twin stick D18 or custom installed later. Ours, aforementioned, has a single transfer lever in it’s normal place. This Jeep appears to have been painted . The windshield frame is not correct for 69. Starting in late 68, wiper motors were external on driver side with internal linkage. Controls on dash framing the cluster are not correct for 69. Yeah Mike, it does look to be a 4 cyl from the position and size of the exhaust pipe and from what I’m seeing, I’m not sure it is even a 69. But typical limited FB ad, we need more info. Tough built Jeep but a lot of questions .

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I can’t remember seeing a tunnel like that. My guess was that it has a different tranny, but I figured you bright folks would clarify what it was (and Vernon would bring up the knowledgable children in Zambia knowing more about jeeps than I … which brings up a bit of useless info; At one time, circa 2002, I was offered a chance by an ambassador to Zambia to go to his country and set up computer systems. But, I was knee deep in a start-up, so didn’t pursue it)

  4. JohnB

    I’m not from Zambia, but I have a question…
    My ’77 CJ-5 had a factory V-8, but only a three speed.
    Why not a four? Cheap initial owner? I can’t believe someone would spring for the big engine but not a 4sp to get the most out of it.
    Got 9 mpg in town. Never took it far on the interstate.

  5. a concerned ewillys user

    🤴 the king of zambia sez —-> every 4cyl , 4sp i have seen had the twin stick d18 — i also think this jeep may not be a 69 , maybe a few years earlier ? — at one point jeep switched from t-98’s to t-18’s , 1970 ? — i modify all my d18 single stick t-cases to 2 sticks — more sticks the better — just scored 2 willys wagons — 1 is a ” pawkway converzion ” — former postal vehicle , or gov. issue — an ambassador from botswana once offered me a nigerian chain letter , i reported him to the authorities in swaziland .. 🤴

  6. Barney Goodwin

    John, I also had a 65 Cj5 with a factory single stick transfer control, which by then was standard. You could special order the twin stick which is shown with the single stick pattern in the owner manuals through ’71. I think what confuses some entering the Jeep world, is when something is seen on one or more models, and it’s thought to be standard when, in fact, Jeep would option an ordered model any way you wanted it. As a further note to my previous comment above, I would bet it has 4:88 gears and maybe even posi which was often the case when the 4-speeds were ordered. Our ’71 came with 4:88s which we changed to 4:10s to get more road speed since it was now retired from the ranch.

  7. John

    Ordered this one from Jeep. Had to include the passenger seat in the order. Was able to include a request for a heavy-duty clutch and Goodyear Suburbanite tires. Getting the drawbar wasn’t an option. It came without one. Instead, we moved the drawbar from the 63 CJ5 we were trading in for the 69. Able to get a new all steel Kelley cab from the dealer. The 63 had a canvas top.

    Also moved a Fisher snow plow from the 63 when the 69 came in. Plowed with this Jeep for many years. Finally sold it in the middle 90’s – forever sorry to see it go, but just didn’t have the space to keep it.

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