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Marx Metal Jeep Las Vegas, NV $45

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Mike spotted this Marx toy. Looks good for the price.

“Great condition for the age. Some minor rust as seen in pics. See the pictures for more details. Similar items selling on eBay for $70 and more.”



6 Comments on “Marx Metal Jeep Las Vegas, NV $45

  1. David Eilers Post author


    “Mike” (aka Vernon) might be right, as the tires are funky on this one. To be honest, yesterday when I posted it I didn’t really care, as I had some kind of bug. But, am feeling like my normal self today.

    – Dave

  2. Barney Goodwin

    See my post on the one after this. This is correct, not China, Taiwan or Japan. This is an early version but not as early as the one with the “box” steering wheel support, and transitioning to the later, rubber wheel version. These steel wheels are in excellent condition! But not as realistic as the steel wheels earlier. These look like slotted truck wheels. Probably, like the real Jeep Co., they used what they had on hand.

  3. Bob

    From what I gather the metal wheels were the earlier ones. The rubber wheels were later. Along with stuff like battery operated lights and such.

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