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Marx Jeep Mooresville, NC $25

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This imperfect Marx toy seems a good price. Thanks to Tom for sharing. I haven’t seen a steering “box” on a Marx; I suspect it has been added.

“Antique Willy’s Jeep toy from 1940-1950. Front hood opens and windshield lowers. Listed below market value. Very well loved toy looking for new owner.”

marx-toy-mooresville-nc97 marx-toy-mooresville-nc98 marx-toy-mooresville-nc9


3 Comments on “Marx Jeep Mooresville, NC $25

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Dave – this is interesting. Allow me a few here. This is an early MARX with the steel wheels. We have a sample in our collection in VG condition. YES, the box is below the steering wheel on this version as shown. Why? who knows except maybe MARX used this off a different toy in production. It is not there on later versions with rubber wheels. Our version also has headlights that light with the batteries under the door and the slide switch on floor under dash. ALSO NOTE: on the FB sample shown, the sheet metal hood was folded opposite at the factory with the speedo oval on the right side of the dash. It’s recessed and on the left side on ours. That means the WILLYS on the hood is inside the hood and backwards. LOL. I’m always amazed with these licensed, MARX Jeeps down to the sheet metal behind the front bumper that is stamped to look like the Ag weight with the 4 slotted holes. It is a very good price even missing some things. The wheels alone would be worth it.

  2. wilpenney

    i have a couple like this with the “box” under the steering wheel. its a horn, if you press down on the wheel it will collapse about a 1/4″ and make a noise

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Yep! Just tried the “box”. Now I know I have the Deluxe model with working headlights AND horn! Thanks! I didn’t know that.

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