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1957 Blitz Buggy Truck Oneonta, NY $14,500

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Thanks to Andy for sharing this rare rig. I believe less than 40 of these were produced. Learn more at the CJ-3B Page:

“1957 Willy’s Blitz Buggy. 200 mile on complete engine overhaul. Never any rust. Way cool.”’s-blitz-buggy-·-none/8408658782539619

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1957-blitz0buggy-oneonta-ny7 1957-blitz0buggy-oneonta-ny8 1957-blitz0buggy-oneonta-ny9


3 Comments on “1957 Blitz Buggy Truck Oneonta, NY $14,500

  1. Gerald Huber

    Nice condition and very rare, hopefully someone out there will preserve this unique piece of Jeep /Willys history.

  2. Robert

    Looks like same one listed June 19 2019 except someone painted it and stripped off a lot of the parts including the front pump.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for pointing that out. I agree. I’ve updated that post. Here’s the link to that post.
    It’s too bad the lettering was removed (but perhaps it was in worse shape than it appears in the 2019 pics). I really like the old lettering on jeeps.

    – Dave

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