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Year? MB Dripping Springs, TX $500

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Unclear how much value is here.

944-mb-drippingsprings-tx6 944-mb-drippingsprings-tx7 944-mb-drippingsprings-tx8 944-mb-drippingsprings-tx9

“Willys Jeep about a 1944 year model, I bought this Willys sight unseen not knowing the year to possibly use for parts on another Jeep, I did not know it was a Willys MB (Wartime) Jeep and have decided just to sell to someone maybe needing parts from an actual Wartime used Willys. I “will not” part it out, it must go complete, It is very rough and rusty but has good useable pieces to someone wanting actual WWII military Willys Jeep parts, there is “no title” , and what you see in the pictures is what’s there, the motor is locked but I don’t know if it’s bad, I don’t know the condition of the trans or transfer case, it is being sold “as is, no warranty” the Jeep “will not” roll and all tires are flat, purchaser will need a trailer with a winch or someway to load it themselves.”


2 Comments on “Year? MB Dripping Springs, TX $500

  1. David in SE Mass

    That could be a Slat radiator. It does need some attention, but I believe Slat radiators are not being reproduced. Someone should snatch this asap. If this were close to me, it would be in my backyard.

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