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My Evolution Metal Chop Saw

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One of the tools I acquired a few months ago to work on my cage was a metal chop saw. After doing some research, I settled on the Evolution chop saw, as it had a bunch of good reviews. I found the best price through the manufacturer site itself: Currently it is priced at $379.99

A couple days ago I finally had time to pull it out of its box and give it a test on a piece of angle iron. Holy Smokes! It cut right through the mild steel angle iron, faster than I expected. I don’t know how long the blade will last, but this tool will sure come in handy! It sure beats a hacksaw!!!

I should note that I am just reporting on my experience. I have no association with Evolution nor do I receive anything for promoting this product.



One comment on “My Evolution Metal Chop Saw

  1. Dave from Mn

    I have switched to a 14” diamond? Blade by Dewalt. Haven’t checked the price lately but bought mine several years ago for about 129$. Stays full diameter and has cut many hundreds at least of this hardened bar we use at work. I’ve been super impressed.

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