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1949 Jeepster Newport Beach, CA $13,000

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Looks in good shape.

“Nice running unique 1949 Willy’s amazing conditions.,, not many around,, only a few around,, engine is good., tranny good ,, tires good new battery,, incredible black interior,, I have all records ,, engine work done ,, transmission work done ., nothing missing.,, original mileage,, everything Original ., I know what I have so please don’t waste my time ., no low offers., I am not desperate it 😉 have a beautiful day”

1949-jeepster-nb-ca5 1949-jeepster-nb-ca6 1949-jeepster-nb-ca7 1949-jeepster-nb-ca8 1949-jeepster-nb-ca9


2 Comments on “1949 Jeepster Newport Beach, CA $13,000

  1. SteveK

    Looks great, price seems low “if” total condition is same all over, but for some reason the “rear view” seems to be “edited” to not reveal something potentially wrong there possibly. Slight condition difference of passenger side to driver side of the side-curtains.

  2. colin peabody

    It looks like he just didn’t put the curtain rods down in the sockets, but I agree, the side curtains need to be replaced. Not a bad looking Jeepster otherwise, and the F-head 6 is a great engine replacement for those old Go-Devils.

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