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DJ-3A? & A Sand Jalopy? Imperial, CA $1000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/09/2022) I have to say I was more curious about the Sand Jalopy Hot Rod than the jeep. The jeep seems to have a DJ-3A body. Neither seems to have much value.

“1 Jeep 1 water pumper buggy 1000$ for both Bill of sale”

dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca4 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca5 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca6


And the Sand Jalopydj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca7 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca8 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca9


2 Comments on “DJ-3A? & A Sand Jalopy? Imperial, CA $1000

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Dave…That ‘Sand Jalopy’ looks like perfect ‘Yard Art’ (maybe back yard), for your new estate !! Love it !!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    It looks like it was a fun project for someone. I can see it flying over sand dunes. Looks like something a person might have seen on Hot Rod magazine.

    I think I’ll keep the art on the walls rather than in the yard. Besides, I need to get to work on the art inside the shop 🙂

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