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San Juan Scenic Jeep Trip Postcard and Brochure

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These two items from the San Juan Scenic Jeep Trip business were on eBay, so I snagged them.

This postcards shows a FC Tour Jeep climbing a steep trail.

scenic-jeep-tour-portcard1 scenic-jeep-tour-portcard2

This tri-fold brochure is undated. It has some good photos and artwork. These first three images show the front side of the brochure.

scenic-jeep-tour-brochure1a scenic-jeep-tour-brochure1b



This is the inside of the tri-fold:



2 Comments on “San Juan Scenic Jeep Trip Postcard and Brochure

  1. colin peabody

    I noted that the post card was done by Petley Studios in Phoenix. they were the largest producer of color postcards in the US at one time. Bob Petley also owned stores in Oray and Silverton Colorado, so it would have been natural for him to produce the artwork for Scenic Jeeps Tours. Mr.. Petley sold the business in 1984 and passed away in 2006 at 93 years of age. Maybe the FC-170 is the one that Craig Brockhaus owns and shows at various Jeep shows around the country.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Colin, that’s some info I didn’t know.

    I am pretty sure Craig could identify it.

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