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1960 FC-170 Bremerton, WA $15,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/31/2022) This looks like a handy wrecker.

“1960 Willys FC 170 4×4 tow truck with 292 Chevy 6 motor and 4sp manual transmission. Run and drives good. Listing for a relative. Call Jim at [hidden information] for all questions and inquiries.”

1960-fc170-wrecker-bremerton-wa5 1960-fc170-wrecker-bremerton-wa6 1960-fc170-wrecker-bremerton-wa7 1960-fc170-wrecker-bremerton-wa8 1960-fc170-wrecker-bremerton-wa9


4 Comments on “1960 FC-170 Bremerton, WA $15,000

  1. Mike

    Just of the top of my head, I’d say this is an HOLMES BOOM sitting on a stretched improvised body made to fit the FC170 frame. Pretty cool, especially with that extended front push bumper with the winch. If this were the 1960’s and I owned a gas station, this is the unit I’d like to have running road service.

  2. Steve E.

    Mike: This is a former Forest Service Truck bought at the government auction by the previous owner in 1967. And they turned it into their wrecker for their gas station in Ashland, Oregon. It pulled out many cars and even motorhomes after running off the road in snow storms over Siskiyou Summit, the highest point on Interstate 5, 4610’. Yes, it has a Holmes boom (Holmes 440 I believe) nicely build on a trailer body. It has a PTO winch on the front, and a chain drive PTO in the bed for the boom. It has a Chevy 6-292 and the factory T-98 3-spd.

    I first saw this truck and eyeballed it for two years. I finally stopped and asked if he wanted to sell it. He said someone else is interested, stop by in a few days. On the return trip passing through Ashland, I stopped again and he said it was sold (to the current owner.). Rats! Then… this unique FC shows up that the Northwest Get Together in Tacoma, WA. I mentioned that I just missed buying that truck. Someone overheard the conversation and said he’s been trying to buy that truck for the past ten years. Then Dave F. says, I’ve been trying to buy that truck for over 20 years! I’d buy it now if it were within my budget. It’s another very unique FC.

  3. Mike

    Tanks Steve for the background information, always good to hear a story that goes with the vehicle.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Steve: thanks for the info.
    Mike: There are some features that do make it appear to be a Holmes. Here’s brochure from 1963, though this looks to be a more lightweight version that what is shown on the FC:

    – Dave

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