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1962 TV Commercial For ‘Jeep’

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Chris shared this footage from a 1962 ‘Jeep’ Commercial hosted at Indiana University’s Media Collections Online.

The commercial’s summary: A man receives a distress call from someone stuck on the side of a cliff. The man race across difficult terrain in his Jeep. The man rescues the person from cliff by using the winch on his Jeep

Here’s the link:


2 Comments on “1962 TV Commercial For ‘Jeep’

  1. Mike

    I always liked these early black & white Jeep TV commercials, as a child back in the late 1950’s & early 60’s, I would make sure I watched the TV programs that Kaiser Jeep sponsored. It wasn’t because I liked the TV shows, it WAS because I liked The JEEP COMERICALS. I remember a similar one to the one just viewed where a Jeep pickup equipped with a winch pulled a school bus tittering on a cliff back to safety.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Ramsey PTO winch and tripod. Same rigging used on our ’71 (See ad below, right) in its first life on a Wyoming cattle ranch to pull water well heads for service. Ramsey 8000 winch is still on the CJ. Never got the tripod in the purchase.

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