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1958 Wagon Strong, ME $14,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Nicely updated wagon.

“1958 Willys Sedan Delivery, 302 V-8, C-6 Transmission, Ford 9” differential, dual exhaust, cherry floors, bucket seats, Willys floor mats, AM/FM CD Stereo, inside upholstered…”

1958-sedan-delivery-strong-me1 1958-sedan-delivery-strong-me2 1958-sedan-delivery-strong-me3


9 Comments on “1958 Wagon Strong, ME $14,000

  1. neal jung

    not a sedan delivery — notice the station wagon rear wheel wells — doesnt show delivery doors either — all sedan deliverys have round rear wheel wells

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I can’t tell if it has the barn doors or not (I assumed, which is never a good idea), but that’s a good point on the wheel wells. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

  3. Bingo

    It has the latch hole for barn doors, shown in that last pic. Prolly had the 1/4 panels replaced. Do they use road salt in Maine

  4. Richard Bennett

    Hey Dave, do you have any contact info on this wagon? I know the page has been closed just thought you might know something. I was looking at the recesses where the windows are usually cut in. Most people who try to make a delivery cover the windows flush. Just saying. Thanks in advance. Hope you are doing well

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Richard,

    We are doing well and making progress on our place. Hope all is well with you!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any more info on this. I just checked Craigslist (and Facebook), but the wagon hasn’t been relisted. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted I will email you.

    – Dave

  6. neal jung

    Bingo may be correct , it could be a Sedan Delivery with the 1/4 panels replaced — I dont think anyone makes the early Wagon and Sedan Delivery round wheel well 1/4 panels — The Sedan Delivery right rear door latches to a raised metal striker on the floor . The left rear door only latches on the top of the door . The right rear door also latches at the top . I have the 3rd Sedan Delivery made in 1951 , 2wd , F-134 , T-96 , R-10 overdrive , 5.38 Model 23 rear end .

  7. Bingo

    As long as we’re spankin on this machine, my search said the ribbed roof didn’t happen till ’60….unless it was a Maverick?

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