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Klairmont Kollection’s CJ-2 #6

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Barry Thomas let me know that this rare CJ-2 #6 has found a new home. Keith Buckley and Brandon  from Jeep appear in a video discussing the jeep. Check out the video on Barry’s Farmjeep site:


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10 Comments on “Klairmont Kollection’s CJ-2 #6

  1. Gerald Huber

    Great looking “Find”, If Keith and Brandon are working on this – the outcome will be good for the preservation of this Willys and the Jeep Community!

  2. Mike

    Although an interesting story and beautiful restoration, I ask this question; Why when repainted the olive drab finish is painted with a low gloss sheen, rather than a flat no gloss finish? Again, I don’t know but asking this question, When NEW, was it not a FLAT PAINT finish?
    What I find is so many times is the word restoration is misused, I would think restoration meant Original appearance of the vehicle.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Mike, while I’m not an expert on these very early CJ2s, the early civilian Jeeps had a semi gloss (not flat) finish. In fact, late WW2 Jeeps and into the mid 50s had a semi gloss finish in the OD (a darker OD with a medium sheen). I think the debate for the military Jeeps is when was the exact time a change was made – kinda like arguing how many angels can stand on the head of a pin. But I believe there can be no question for the change from military to civilian. A good question, Mike. To your final point, I believe the trend in classic vehicles including early Jeeps is to over-restore them.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    That wasn’t me at 3:56. I knew who you meant. It’s a great forum to exchange ideas and information.

  5. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, Mike, Me too. My brain runs on Xp and they haven’t serviced that in years! In fact, when I tell people that now, they say “What’s Xp?” lol

  6. Fred Flintstone

    Me too!!! Wilma keeps feeding me these little blue rocks. Says it’s all that’s left, wutt keeps her happy!

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