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Winter 2022-2023 Issue of Dispatcher Magazine Has Been Released

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I received the latest issue of Dispatcher Magazine yesterday. In it, John Gunnel discusses Howard Tibbal, his huge circus model, and circus jeeps, while Barry Thomas shares how Henry Ford saved the jeep.


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5 Comments on “Winter 2022-2023 Issue of Dispatcher Magazine Has Been Released

  1. Dave Case

    Good morning Dave,
    There is also an excellent article in this Dispatcher about Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS).
    The older I get, the more attractive power steering is. Especially plowing snow with my M38A1.
    I wonder if you, or any of your readers, have had any experience with EPAS?

    Dave Case

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dave,

    That’s a good question. I can arrange to do a post to see if anyone responds? I haven’t heard of anyone doing it, but maybe the crawler folks are doing this? I don’t know …

    – Dave

  3. JohnB

    About electric power steering…
    In my semi-day job writing for a collector car magazine, I subscribe to a popular classic car magazine from England.
    Electric Power Steering is the new big thing for vintage cars.
    Systems are being fitted to all manner of classics including old Aston Martins worth more than most of our net worths.
    So, based on that, I’ve say they do their job and are easily removable.

    I can’t recommend any make off hand, but if you go to their websites, they might list Jeeps as an application.
    If not, perhaps they have a unit for early Land Rovers or first generation Broncos.

    So by all means try it out.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    We get occasional calls from people wanting to convert their CJ5s to power steering – usually the 72 and up with the larger engines. Even though it was a factory option beginning in 72, we recommend against a conversion as it makes an already dangerous vehicle more so, especially if used on the open road. That said, I can see where it would be advantageous for an on-property application such as snow plowing.

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