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Broken Facebook Images and Google’s WEBP

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For a couple weeks I’ve been having problems loading some images from Facebook Marketplace in my safari browser (I can load the same pages successfully in other browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome). This is an annoying issue because, obviously, it means I can’t see some ads for use on eWillys.

I finally determined  that Facebook is experimenting with using Google’s “.WEBP” format for some pics. The solution is to update my Safari browser. Okay, that’s doable.

My problem is that the WordPress version I run (the platform under the eWillys skin) won’t let me post those files, which means I have to move those images to a photo program, then resave them as jpegs.Well, that’s a pain I don’t need!

So, I need to update my WordPress instance, but sometimes that breaks things. So, if Ewillys goes down, I tried updating and things didn’t go well. (I have other sites that update just fine, but my eWillys webhost has locked down the eWillys files tightly, which is both good (for security) but bad (for me manipulating things).

Anyway, if some of you also have the problem with broken images in some Facebook Marketplace ads, that’s likely why (Only seems to happen in some auto ads).


One comment on “Broken Facebook Images and Google’s WEBP

  1. SteveK

    You are talking foreign IT tech stuff to me Dave, but I do understand that foreign controls thru social media programing of MONITORING for ads, updates, and crashes, are “controlling us into acceptance of being monitored and being controlled”. “Planned obsolesces” comes to mind forcing NEW PURCHASES too.

    It is good that people like you “understand that stuff” and hopefully keep us as SAFE as possible. THANKS!

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