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Enjoy the Break?


UPDATE: Comments are now fixed.

I hope everyone enjoyed the temporary break! It is easy to forget that a website is always one corrupted file away from going down.

Speaking of breaks, we have a week trip planned to Arizona starting Monday. It won’t be a slow winding trip, as 1) we need to get down and back in a week’s time (cows and home responsibilities) are a big reason for the quick trip; 2) we have a small not-bad weather window for coming back; and 3) we have reduced our social interactions, because both Ann and I had some sucky, lingering long-covid issues last year (so, we reduced our exposure to folks and take pre-cautions; I am finally feeling like my old self).

One of our objectives is to pick up a Muller top frame in California that Mike has been kind enough to save for me. I plan to rebuild one for Biscuit following the original plans (probably next fall or winter, which is likely when I’ll have time to finally address Lost Biscuit.


Our second objective is to test drive and purchase a new vintage jeep. I look forward to sharing the news should everything go as we expect!


8 Comments on “Enjoy the Break?

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I’m now testing your comment function, Dave. Not sure what your not-bad weather window entails, but here in SE Pensylvania this winter we’ve have had at least a half dozen severe winter storms coming in from the west that went north of us instead and either missed us completely or gave us a modereate amount of rain. A lot of us here are very happy about that. Hope you and Ann have a good trip with good weather.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks, yep, comments are fixed. The database had become corrupted.

    We have a cold front going through right now, with some snow, but things are expected to improve enough for us to head south to Cali on Monday, where the weather is better. Currently, it looks like we can sneak back through Utah next Fri or Sat, but we’ll see. Worst case scenario is that we head back through California.

  3. Jim

    You and Ann should load yourselves up with Vitamin C, Zinc and D3! It’s been now 3 years of Covid and that cocktail has kept me free of it! And, that’s with not getting the jab! I was suspicious of that from the beginning!

  4. Dan B.

    Awesome, Dave. Thanks for the update. We appreciate all that you do for the Willys community.

    Looking forward to seeing the new (to you) vintage Jeep!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks everyone!

    Bill .. thanks for the reminder, lol … in this case, it is one seller I can trust.

  6. Marla.the.v35

    Glad you’re on the mend! I haven’t visited as often as usual. Work’s been getting in the way of my jeep habits! LOL. Glad the comments are working! Hope you continue to trend upward!

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