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Sunday Departure

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We’ve moved up our departure date to Sunday. Though we have a pretty good, but narrow band, of good weather on the way down, we are going to reduce our daily drive distances. While there will likely be an occasional post, I don’t plan on doing any type of daily diary like we have in the past, mostly to reduce my work load and because we don’t plan on doing anything all that interesting on our way. We expect it to be a rainy cold drive until we hit Arizona. Instead, I’ll repost some posts from earlier years.




4 Comments on “Sunday Departure

  1. Frank


    I hope you made it out okay yesterday. It is currently snowing here is SW Oregon. Snow is predicted for the rest of today and tomorrow (Tuesday) as well.

    Have a safe trip and fun down in the sunny SW,


  2. Martin HERMAN Tilford

    Safe travels and make sure to bring some of the Arizona sun back up here with you.

    I can’t wait to see what the surprise is 🙂

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