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Toledo Blade Unveils the CJ-2A

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UPDATE: This article was originally published April 9, 2015:

On July 19, 1945, the Toledo Blade published an extensive story about the unveiling of the CJ-2A to reporters. The paper is also full of interesting stories, such as the sinking of the Ticonderoga, the identification of a returning GI with amnesia that turned out to be a Nazi Agent, and the jailing of a Walnut Grove, California, woman who threatened a returned Japanese American soldier who was a POW in Germany.

A small part of the CJ-2A story was published on page 1



The majority of the story was on the front page of section 2.



3 Comments on “Toledo Blade Unveils the CJ-2A

  1. Bill Norris

    I find it really interesting how all the newspaper articles about Jeep Day show old pictures of AgriJeeps and not the new CJ2As that were being introduced…


  2. mmdeilers Post author

    That’s a good point. I’m so used to seeing the agrijeep photos above in connection with the launch that I never considered that issue.

    However, I do think at least one of the photos above is of a CJ-2A. The one of Sorenson and Soong doesn’t show much of the jeep, but a companion press photo shows them in a CJ-2A. The photo is dated 07/18/2015 and is the earliest CJ-2A photo I have.

  3. Bill Norris


    You are correct that shot or mr soong is in an actual 2a. There was another picture in the Detroit times that had sorenson running a saw on the back of a 2a. There were also a few pics of the 2a assembly line in the New York Times. The rest were all cj2s.


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