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Jeep Not So Hot on the Farm

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UPDATE: This article was originally published May 29, 2016:

This Canadian article from the November 20, 1944, issue of the Maple Leaf broke the news that the jeep didn’t test well on the farm.



5 Comments on “Jeep Not So Hot on the Farm

  1. Bill

    As I’ve been saying. My father had a jeep, didn’t keep it long. The 8N tractor or a farmall H could out work a jeep any day. Tractors have turning brakes, a crucial need maneuvering in the fields. Even if the jeep drive train fitted farming the turning radius was the thing that counted it out

  2. Stephen Murgas

    After thoughts about buying a tractor to clear fields, trench, and run equipment behind a three point hitch; I BOUGHT A JEEP! I can’t compare it’s speed of farming against a 8 or 9n but I have a smile on my face every day I’m working the dirt. Plus, when i look out the window I see a freakin’ cool 1948 Willys in my backyard as opposed to a tractor. It “must” be a Jeep thing. … plus I’m not relying on it to provide for the family.

  3. Bob

    I always thought a jeep on a farm back in the 1940s would have been an addition to the fleet rather than the only tractor type machine. Bill is right, an 8n would outwork it all day long, and be easier to see what you are doing, and out maneuver a jeep with the turning brakes. But the jeep could be enclosed, could haul light stuff in the back, could take the family to the store.

  4. Steve

    Tanks, universal carriers and other tools of war didn’t work for farming either. Although I do know of one farmer that gutted the interior of a tank to haul grain on the wet Mississippi land.

    But a jeep is great for ranch work, not row crop farming.

  5. Chuck

    I pulled a drag with a 1947 CJ3a. It was very hard on the little guy. Even with an odd fire V6 and SM420 (4 spd with granny low). I could not imagine a stock four banger doing the same work!

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