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Our ‘New’ San Juan FC Tour Jeep

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This is the big surprise… Jesse and Andrea have agreed to sell us the San Juan FC Tour Jeep that Jesse built from the cab up, along with the trailer. You can see more pics from the build here:’s_tour_jeep_journal.htm

We consider this a great honor and can’t thank Jesse and Andrea enough! Jesse was instrumental in encouraging us to visit the round-up for the first time in 2012. Ever since that first visit I have wanted an FC tour jeep, but given there are only three of them, I never thought it would be a possibility.

Much more about this later, as we have a long drive home in front of us!



9 Comments on “Our ‘New’ San Juan FC Tour Jeep

  1. Dave from Mn

    Nice acquisition. Triple axle trailer seems overkill. Never liked how much the tires scrubbed when making tighter turns with a triple axle.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Jesse said he wanted the extra axle for braking. It’s not a trailer I would use regularly (we already have that 10k 2 axle trailer).

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