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RIP Tom Cruze

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On Sunday, while we were gone, Tom Cruze left the house in the morning and never returned. On Wednesday morning I found him in the ditch across from our driveway. He’d been hit by a car. The girls, especially Lizzy, who treated Tom like her puppy, remains upset with his disappearance. I brought Tom’s body back so the girls could sniff him in hopes it provides some closure, but Lizzy remains the sadder of the two.

Tom embraced his puppy role, eating with the dogs from their bowls, following us to the gate when it was time to open or shut it, and playing outside with us. He had no fear and was up to the task of taking on both dogs when they wrestled. He was only here eight months, but he made the most of it!

Here is Lizzy grooming and playing with Tom Cruze from January:

So, the greatest-dog-there-ever-was-that-was-actually-a-cat has gone to that great actor’s studio in the sky. He didn’t stay with us long, but he made a giant impact. He also helped the girls get over Zollie’s death. The house will be a quieter place without Tom’s giant personality filling it.



14 Comments on “RIP Tom Cruze

  1. Mike

    Sad to hear this, we build bonds with our pets and it’s like loosing a member of our family. I especially grew fond of Tom, He reminded me of a cat I befriended, or should I say, befriended ME, back in Clifton, NJ. Smokie was his name, gray like Tom. He would always show up for breakfast, then take off for his daily rounds.

    Then one day, he missed breakfast, very unusual, walking to my car parked on the street, there he was, he had met the same fate as Tom. Sincerely, I offer my sympathy & condolences. Mike

  2. Mike P

    Sorry for your loss. You and Ann have sure had a crazy 2 weeks, hope things settle down for awhile.

  3. Mark S.

    Dave and Ann, sorry for the loss of your pup. Even thou it is hard to find him passed, it is better than not finding him and wondering what happened to him.

  4. colin peabody

    Dave and Anne-

    Sorry for your loss. Anytime we lose a pet who is actually family, their is grieving necessary. Hopefully your family will adjust to his being gone but remembered as the personality that he was. R-I-P Tom Cruze!
    Sorry we didn’t get to see you while you were in town. I know you will enjoy the Tour Jeep!

  5. Maury

    I am so sorry to hear about his passing, Dave. Ann rescued him from a car, and you guys gave him a wonderful home – but ironically his end was to come from another car. God bless you both – as well as your dogs – for treating Tom so kindly, and loving him well during his all-too-short life.

  6. Allan J. Knepper

    First and foremost…….glad you guys are home safe and sound. Thanks for once again taking along on the journey.

    Really, really hate to hear about the loss of Tom Cruze. As I had mentioned when he joined your family…..he could be an identical twin to two of the cats we have lost over the years……all to the same fate. My brother in Iowa still lives in the old acreage and house we were born and raised in. Our dad had lots of hunting dogs over the years, but I was always a cat person. Sadly, the house is close to a two lane road leading into our small town. We always had a choice……..keep them confined to the house or let them roam, hunt and explore…….and sadly there is often a price to pay for that freedom……kinda like the rest of us. RIP Tom Cruze

  7. JohnB

    Sorry to hear of Tom’s passing.
    Let’s are really a gift, providing companionship, laughs and love.
    Our current Basset (Coaster) is 11+, and I dread the day he leaves us.
    Condolences from all of us …

  8. Matt from MI

    Dave and Ann,
    We are sorry for your loss. I remember reading your story of Ann saving Tom Cruz from the engine compartment to my kids and how excited they were to hear of the heroinism displayed that day, and the fact that this little guy got a new lease on life with your family. You guys gave him a loving home and even 2 sisters to grow up and play with, which is more than he ever could have asked for.

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