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1960? Wagon Lewiston, CA $4000

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Possible former Ambulance or Mobile Video Unit? No description provided.

1960-wagon-lewiston-ca4 1960-wagon-lewiston-ca5 1960-wagon-lewiston-ca6 1960-wagon-lewiston-ca7

1960-wagon-lewiston-ca8 1960-wagon-lewiston-ca9


6 Comments on “1960? Wagon Lewiston, CA $4000

  1. Mike

    Take a look at the rear axle hubs, look like lock out hubs? can’t figure that out. Also, this sedan delivery, (panel) has the station wagon tailgate. With the lack of information in the listing, doesn’t explain these unique features.

  2. Joe B

    Someone did a reasonably decent job of it, but this looks like a wagon with sheet metal covers attached over the side windows.

    This might be perched on a Wagoneer chassis.

    Folks sometimes put rear-axle lockouts on to facilitate flat towing.

  3. Dave from Mn

    Yes it looks like sheet metal screwed over windows. Like the double taillights. The rear hubs are cool, wonder if it was ever an aftermarket thing like the cj’s or a one off? Because you would need a custom axle shaft.

  4. Bingo

    Nice looking mod-job on the rear w arches too. Lotsa ???’s Pre”57 dash & grille. Didn’t a ’60 get the ribbed roof? The Buick 215 put out decent power. ‘Ceptin all those screw holes, I kin dig it

  5. John Goering

    Appears to have a full float rear axle and the engine is probably a Buick 300 or 340. Definitely not a 225/231 V6.

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